Plans to Restrict H-1B Domestic Visa Pilot to Main Applicants, Excluding Dependents

Expansion of H-1B Visa Renewal Program Excludes H-4 Dependents, Drawing Concerns

The recently introduced H-1B visa renewal pilot program, allowing applicants to renew their visas without leaving the U.S., has raised concerns among business organizations. While the program benefits H-1B principal applicants, requests to include H-4 dependents, such as spouses and children, have been declined by the State Department. The decision, based on operational challenges during the pilot launch, leaves many family members without visa renewal options. The selection process for the initial 20,000 candidates remains undisclosed. Despite its potential to reduce wait times, the program is limited to H-1B work visas and awaits proof of concept before broader implementation.

Source: Hindustan Times