Facing the Surge: Insights into the Immigration Crisis at the Southern U.S. Border

As the immigration crisis along the southern U.S. border continues. The Department of Homeland Security reported historic highs in December, with over 300,000 individuals crossing the border, intensifying the need for effective solutions. Amidst a congressional deadlock on border security, thousands of migrants from various countries find themselves in makeshift camps, awaiting processing.

This special Sahan Community and North Star Journey Live discussion, airing Tuesday at 9 a.m., features insights from experts Emilia Gonzalez of Unidos MN, John Bruning from The Advocates for Human Rights, Jenny Stohl Powell of the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, and Nasra Ismail, U.S. enterprise executive director of Alight. Hosts Angela Davis and Sahan Journal’s Hibah Ansari delve into stories of Minnesotans navigating the broken immigration system and how this crisis is perceived within the state’s immigrant communities. Stay tuned for a comprehensive exploration of this pressing issue as Minnesota’s diverse communities seek solutions for a better future.

Source: MPR News