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December 2023 Visa Bulletin Reveals Latest Waiting Lists

The U.S. Department of State has rolled out its highly anticipated Visa Bulletin for December 2023, bringing crucial updates for those eagerly awaiting progress on their green card applications. The Visa Bulletin serves as a compass for individuals navigating the immigration process, offering insights into the availability of immigrant visas and the expected timelines for different categories.

For those unfamiliar with the terms ‘visa bulletin’ and ‘priority date,’ Boundless has compiled a comprehensive guide on How to Read the Visa Bulletin, ensuring that applicants can grasp the nuances of this critical information.

Here’s a snapshot of key developments in the family-based and employment-based categories:

Family-Based Categories:

F-1: Unmarried Children (Age 21 and Older) of U.S. Citizens
F-2A: Spouses and Unmarried Children (Under Age 21) of U.S. Green Card Holders
F-2B: Unmarried Children (Age 21 or Older) of U.S. Green Card Holders
F-3: Married Children of U.S. Citizens
F-4: Siblings of U.S. Citizens
Employment-Based Categories:

EB-1: Extraordinary People, Outstanding Researchers and Professors, and Multinational Executives and Managers
EB-2: Exceptional People and Advanced Degree Holders
EB-3: Bachelor’s Degree Holders, Skilled Workers, and Unskilled Workers
EB-4: Special Immigrants
EB-5: Investors
Every month, the Department of State assesses the backlog in various categories, projecting dates for immigrants with priority dates on or before that threshold to proceed with the next steps in their process. This could involve filing for an adjustment of status or applying for an immigrant visa at a consulate abroad.

It’s important to distinguish between ‘dates of filing,’ indicating when the next step can begin, and ‘final action dates,’ determining when the application can be adjudicated. Typically, the difference reflects the anticipated processing time by USCIS.

For a detailed breakdown of the December 2023 Visa Bulletin and specific updates for each category, refer to the official release by the U.S. Department of State. Stay informed to ensure a smooth journey toward obtaining your green card and fulfilling your American dream.

Source: Boundless