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Expansion of Passport Service Points Planned in UK, USA, and Other Countries by Immigration Authorities

The Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), Mrs. Caroline Adepoju, has announced plans to open additional passport service points to cater to the growing needs of Nigerians in the Diaspora. In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, Adepoju emphasized the commitment to streamline passport processing, particularly in countries with significant Nigerian populations such as the UK, Canada, and the USA. The initiative aims to address the increasing demand for passport services among Nigerians living abroad. Additionally, the NIS has already opened three new passport processing centers within Nigeria to alleviate pressure on existing facilities. Adepoju urged Nigerians to support the efforts, apply for passports well in advance of expiry, and utilize the online application system to reduce reliance on intermediaries. The NIS is working towards a digitalized process to minimize human interference and enhance efficiency in passport processing. Adepoju also reminded diaspora passport holders to renew their passports in a timely manner in line with their stay and status abroad.

Source: DailyPost