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Congress Approves Temporary Funding Bill; Immigration Operations Secure Funding Until February 2

In a move to avert a potential government shutdown, Congress has approved a short-term spending bill that allocates funds for certain federal agencies, including critical immigration operations, until February 2, 2024. The bill, which is expected to be signed by President Biden, will ensure the continuous functioning of these agencies beyond the midnight deadline on November 17, 2023.

The Background
This temporary measure, known as a continuing resolution, comes as negotiations on the fiscal year 2024 budget are ongoing. The two-tiered approach employed in the stopgap bill extends funding for specific federal agencies, such as the Departments of Labor, Homeland Security, and State, until February 2, 2024. This extension guarantees uninterrupted immigration operations until the specified date, while other agencies and programs will receive funding until January 19, 2024. The initial expiration of funding for all federal operations was set for midnight on November 17.

Impact on Employers
The approval of this short-term spending bill temporarily safeguards federal operations, preventing any immediate disruption. However, the possibility of a government shutdown remains if there is no consensus on the fiscal year 2024 appropriations legislation or the implementation of an additional stopgap before the staggered expiration dates. Employers, particularly those involved in immigration processes overseen by the Department of Labor, should be aware that the status of immigration operations may be affected if further legislation is not enacted by the extended deadline of February 2.

Source: Fragomen