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Biden Seeks $14 Billion for Border Security in Response to Escalating Immigration Challenges.

As the United States deals with an ongoing immigration challenge, President Joe Biden has asked for $14 billion in the budget specifically for border security. The details of how exactly this money will be used are not disclosed yet, adding to the ongoing debates about immigration policies and border security in the country.

Biden’s request comes as more people enter the U.S. through its borders. Since Biden became president, a significant number of these immigrants reportedly entered illegally and are still not caught. This has intensified debates on immigration and border control. However, there are concerns that the funds might be used for ‘soft costs’ like processing and transportation instead of tightening border security.

Facing Resistance and Calls for Change

Republicans are likely to resist the budget request, demanding substantial reforms in immigration policies as a condition for their support. Senate Republicans have already expressed their disapproval, stating that the allocated funds for border security are not enough. They also want significant policy changes as part of the national security funding package.

Complicating matters, aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan could be linked to immigration reforms, potentially causing a delay in aid. Democratic leaders support passing aid for Israel and Ukraine simultaneously, but the ongoing struggle to elect a Speaker of the House creates uncertainty about major legislation.

Seeking Common Ground

To gain Republican support, the Biden administration and Democrats may need to raise the standards for migrants seeking asylum. Republicans suggest increasing the criteria from a ‘credible’ fear of persecution to a ‘reasonable’ fear. They also aim to deny asylum claims for migrants who pass through a ‘safe’ third country before seeking refuge in the United States.

The current situation poses a complex challenge for the Biden administration. They urgently need to address border security and handle the rising number of immigrants. Simultaneously, they must navigate potential political resistance and find common ground with Republicans on immigration policy reforms. The future of immigration and border security in the United States will depend on how these dynamics unfold over time.

Source: MSN