Australia Set to Enforce Stricter Visa Regulations for Foreign Students

Australia Set to Enforce Stricter Visa Regulations for Foreign Students

Australia is poised to implement tougher visa regulations for foreign students, aiming to address record-high migration levels that have further strained the country’s rental market. Starting this week, heightened English language proficiency requirements will be imposed on student and graduate visas, alongside new measures empowering the government to suspend education providers found repeatedly violating regulations.

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil emphasized that these actions are part of a broader effort to overhaul the migration system and curb the influx of international students primarily seeking work opportunities. A new “genuine student test” will be introduced to scrutinize the intentions of prospective students, while “no further stay” conditions will be expanded on visitor visas.

The decision follows last year’s efforts to roll back COVID-era concessions and tighten regulations on international students, a move intended to reduce Australia’s migrant intake by up to 50% over two years. The surge in migration, particularly driven by students from India, China, and the Philippines, has exacerbated pressure on the rental market, contributing to record-low vacancy rates and soaring construction costs.

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed a 60% increase in net immigration, reaching a record 548,800 individuals in the year ending Sept. 30, 2023. While this influx has helped address labor shortages and restrain wage pressures, it has also intensified challenges in the housing sector.

Minister O’Neil highlighted a significant decline in recent international student visa grants, indicating a shift in migration trends following the government’s interventions. As Australia grapples with population growth and housing affordability concerns, these regulatory changes seek to strike a balance between economic needs and domestic challenges.


Source: financialexpress