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ITServe Dallas Chapter

An AI-Enabled Product Suite to Elevate Your Business

Explore Imagility’s next-gen product suite- the ultimate combination of automation, transparency, and collaboration through Imagility Immigration, I-9 & Compliance, HR, and Talent Acquisition offerings.

I-9 Compliance Datasheet

Download our I-9 compliance datasheet to learn how Imagility’s I-9 solution provides enhanced security and minimizes risks, ensuring efficient I-9 compliance management for employers.

Immigration Datasheet

Discover how Imagility collaborates with every stakeholder to boost visa success rates. The platform provides a quantum leap in collaboration, transparency, efficiency, and scaling.

PAF Playbook

Ensure compliance using our ‘Public Access File’ Playbook, featuring expert tips, checklists, and best practices for Department of Labor audits and inspections.

H-1B Audit Playbook

Download the H-1B Playbook, which covers strategies for effectively constructing H1B petition elements, significantly reducing denials and RFEs.

I-9 Playbook

Get expert tips on re-verification, complete form checklists, record-keeping best practices, and risk avoidance. With our guidance, you can ace the I-9 process.

FDNS Playbook

Dive into our FDNS Playbook for expert strategies on-site visits, preparation tips, attorney engagement, and techniques to reduce visit risks. Master FDNS investigations with our guidance.

Compliance Checklist

Download our Compliance Checklist to stay ahead and ensure adherence to regulations, including the LCA, Private Access Files, Public Access Files, and I-9 form.