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What do you get while studying
in top US universities?

US universities have made a long-lasting impact on international students due to the quality of education it offers. While enrolling in top US colleges/universities, a student gets global exposure, which helps him enrich his knowledge, learn different skills and languages, and develop global competencies that facilitate the path to a bright career.

However, a lack of information on how to get into US universities and how to get a US student visa leaves some prospects in a dilemma, ultimately giving up the hope of studying in the USA.

Fortunately, the Imagility student app is there to help prospects who want to know each piece of information related to US college admission, US student visa, and post-study plans like working on CPT, OPT, etc. The app has already helped thousands of international students to pursue their studies in the USA.

Smoothening the F-1 Visa
Process for Students

The Imagility Student Visa App helps international students by consolidating information about US universities, the visa process, and interview tips. It offers students valuable information that can help them gain admission into top US colleges and universities, while guiding them step by step to apply for a US student visa. This is one of the best apps for international students to:

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The app interface is intuitive and easy to use. To use the app, you only need to follow the instructions below.