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Latest Immigration News

Multiple H-1B Filings

781,000 H-1B registrations for FY 2024. Possibility of multiple applications with the intention of increasing odds in the H1B Visa Lottery. If proved, USCIS –

Takeaway – Follow the rules and file registrations the right way!

I-9 Compliance

It is mandatory for employers in the US to comply with I-9 formalities for each new hire. Imagility supports I-9 Compliance, Remote I-9 completion, and I-9 Verification. Here’s a comprehensive playbook on I-9.

ITServe Chapter President’s message

Prasad Maganti

New England Chapter President

IT Serve

I’m Prasad Maganti, President/CEO of Maganti IT Resources LLC, and I also currently serve as the New England ITServe Chapter President. With a diverse background as a software developer, IT services professional, visionary entrepreneur, and investor, I have held several executive positions overseeing operations, product development, and marketing, primarily focusing on startup growth.

When I assumed leadership as the New England ITServe Chapter President, the community had about 69 members, eagerly working towards one common goal, making a positive impact, and fostering strong connections. 

As the Chapter President, my new vision includes securing renewals from the past year, expanding the chapter’s membership to 100 individuals, and providing valuable workshops for our members. The Chapter will focus on community engagement, networking, and creating business opportunities. Diversifying membership and adding women leaders are among our priorities. We also aim at eliminating misconceptions about the H1B program by educating legislators through the PAC team. We will focus on lobbying with the lawmakers to amend laws and continue to fight the unjust regulations and unfair interpretations of the USCIS against non-immigrant workers. 

To achieve progress and inclusivity within the Chapter, we have come up with the ‘Travel Together’ program and initiated monthly workshops to foster strong connections. We have established a Business Development Advisory Board and are conducting regular core team meetings. To provide networking opportunities, we organized the “East Coast Regional Startup and Sports Meet” in Connecticut. 

We will continue to voice out issues that are important to all the members and believe that together, we can overcome challenges, create a sense of inclusion, and make a meaningful impact within our Chapter.

Upcoming New Features
I-9 Crossword Puzzle Challenge

We hope you enjoy solving this I-9 crossword puzzle!!


5. A form used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the U.S. (hyphen included)

6. The federal agency responsible for enforcing immigration laws in the United States. (abbreviation)


8. The section of the I-9 form where an employee attests to their employment authorization. (2 words)

9. The term used to describe when an employer retains copies of documents presented by an employee for Form I-9. (2 words)

11. The agency responsible for managing the E-Verify system. (abbreviation)

12. The employee must complete Section 1 of the I-9 form on __ day of work.


1. The section of the I-9 form where an employer provides their business or organization name. (2 words)

2. Purpose of I-9 form for employees (2 words)

3. The section of the I-9 form where an employee provides their full legal name. (2 words)

4. The penalty imposed on employers for knowingly hiring unauthorized workers (2 words)

7. The number of days an employer has to complete the I-9 form after an employee begins working. (in words)

10. A temporary extension of work authorization granted to individuals with pending immigration applications.(abbreviation)

Download the crossword solution here


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