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Top H-1B Errors Employers Make & How to Avoid Them

For many companies, securing H-1B visas for skilled foreign workers is vital to fill specialized positions. However, the H-1B visa application process is quite tricky and challenging. Even small mistakes in the application process can lead to significant delays or even rejections.

Revolutionize Your H-1B Petition Process with Imagility

We are thrilled to announce that building H1B petitions is now easier than ever with Imagility’s AI-enabled Immigration Software. Our user-friendly platform streamlines the petition-building process, guiding you through each step accurately and efficiently. Users can also analyze the petition on nine crucial factors to increase the chances of visa outcomes. Experience the future of immigration software with Imagility!

Imagility Shines at
Chapter Workshop

We’re excited to highlight Imagility’s prominent role at the ITSERVE Dallas Chapter Workshop. Mingling with industry leaders, we engaged in dynamic conversations, shared innovative insights, and established collaborations to elevate the IT services industry. This was more than just an event for us; it was a testament to our dedication to bolstering IT experts and spearheading transformative changes in the immigration landscape.

The spotlight of the workshop? Navigating the intricate maze of Immigration and Compliance amidst today’s dynamic landscape. Guided by the expertise of our CEO, Durga Rao, and Geeta Dammanna, the brilliant mind behind Dammanna Law PC, attendees were treated to a wealth of knowledge, uncovering the latest trends, confronting challenges head-on, and uncovering innovative solutions in the immigration and compliance field.

H-1B Audit Playbook

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) conducts audits related to H-1B visas to ensure compliance with labor and immigration laws. H-1B visas are designed for foreign workers in specialty occupations and require employers to meet certain legal requirements. 

Employers engaging H-1B professionals and individuals in specialized occupations are legally obligated to file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) using the DOL Form ETA 9035E per regulatory guidelines. This playbook helps you understand DOL H-1B Audits and strategies for navigating them.

Compliance Checklist

With increased scrutiny from the USCIS, it is even more important to meet compliance requirements once an H-1B visa is issued. Download the compliance Checklist to stay ahead and ensure adherence to regulations, including the LCA, Private Access Files, Public Access Files, and I-9 form.

Partner Spotlight

Murali Talluri

President and CEO of Tech Insurance

Introducing Murali Talluri, President and CEO of Tech Insurance Agency. Tech Insurance Agency Inc. has several years of experience in the insurance industry. Under the leadership of Murali Talluri, TIA built a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge to help serve its clients. TIA provides insurance protection for thousands of individuals, families, and businesses.

We look forward to offering our clients the same customer service they expect. The following services are offered: GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE, Health (HMO’s & PPO’s), Life, Dental, Vision, Supplemental (Gap)Insurance, BUSINESS INSURANCE.


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