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UK Includes India in ‘Safe States’ Roster: Unpacking the Implications

The United Kingdom is set to expand its list of ‘safe states,’ and India is among the countries likely to be included. This move, outlined in draft legislation presented in the House of Commons, aims to curtail the option for those traveling illegally to seek asylum in the UK.

According to reports from PTI, the draft legislation, unveiled on Wednesday, names India and Georgia as additions to the list. The primary objective is to fortify the UK’s immigration system and deter unfounded protection claims.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has prioritized preventing small boats of asylum seekers from reaching the country’s shores as one of his key initiatives. Home Secretary Suella Braverman emphasized the necessity of halting dangerous and illegal journeys to the UK from countries deemed fundamentally safe.

“Expanding this list will enable us to swiftly remove individuals with no legal right to stay here and sends a clear message that illegal entry will not be tolerated. Our commitment to implementing the measures outlined in the Illegal Migration Act remains steadfast, contributing to our ongoing efforts against illegal migration,” stated Home Secretary Braverman.”


Source: MSN