UK Family Visa Rules 2024 PM Rishi Sunak's Bold Move Raises Minimum Income Requirement

UK Family Visa Rules 2024: PM Rishi Sunak’s Bold Move Raises Minimum Income Requirement

In a bid to curb immigration, United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has introduced significant changes to the UK Family Visa rules, effective April 11, 2024. Under the new regulations, the minimum income requirement for sponsoring family members to enter the UK has been substantially increased. Interior Minister James Cleverly emphasized the necessity of addressing mass migration, stating that the government aims to reduce annual net migration by 300,000 from its current level of 745,000. The latest adjustment raises the minimum income threshold for UK Family Visas to £29,000, approximately Rs 30 lakh, up from £18,600, approximately Rs 19 lakh. This could potentially rise further to £38,700 next year. The increased income requirement can be met through various means, including savings and employment income. This move aligns with broader policies announced in December 2023, aimed at tightening immigration regulations across various visa categories, as part of Sunak’s overarching strategy to address record immigration levels ahead of the 2024 general election. Stay updated on the latest developments in UK immigration policies.

Source: MSN