Synergy Conference Kick Off – 2023

IT Serve’s Board Introduction Synergy Kick-off 2023 is on Jan 24, 2023, at Harrah’s – Atlantic City, NJ. The kick off meeting’s primary focus is to introduce the board and we are delighted to be part of it!

IT Serve’s broader goal is to create an open community of industry professionals and pilot the way for future growth for all its member companies and ITServe Alliance as a whole. ITServe Alliance has built a strong member-focused community within the IT industry where professionals and experts alike can collaborate, present new business ventures, and work together to find new ways to overcome industry obstacles.

We, at Imagility, are excited to partner with IT Serve and to be chosen as a Platinum Sponsor for the year 2023. We have a great opportunity to be part of another exciting event to network and build new business relationships as the year starts.

Imagility is digital end-to-end immigration Software platform that automates much of the work around the immigration process to provide a better, more efficient way for beneficiaries, employers, and attorneys to prepare, track, manage, and navigate their visa petition processing. Some of its powerful features include:

  • Petition Builder: Unlike being just a forms builder, this should help stakeholders build robust, complete petitions.
  • Timelines and workflows: Easy navigation, clarity and transparency through timelines and graphic workflows.
  • Review and Analysis: Powerful review and analysis feature that shows the key success elements and the factors that need to be addressed.  
  • RFEs and Green Cards: Takes care of accurate RFE responses in a jiffy and Green card applications at the right time.
  • Templates: Helps build customized and automated template for effective cover letters and detailed support letters.

We are eager to show more!

Kudos to team IT Serve for championing the needs of the broader IT Community and building this strongly aligned platform. Looking forward to making new connections and business relationships!

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