22nd Annual AILA New York Chapter Immigration Law Symposium

We are excited to participate in the 22nd Annual AILA New Chapter Immigration Law Symposium 2023, hosted by AILA in New York on December 4, 2023. This event presents a valuable opportunity for paralegals and immigration practitioners to enhance their knowledge. The program covers the fundamentals, complexities, and practical aspects of immigration law, focusing on employment-based immigration, family immigration, and removal.

The day will feature engaging sessions on topics such as Immigration Law, the removal process, forms practice, immigration background checks, and more. We anticipate the attendance of aspiring attorneys and individuals seeking to enhance their skills.

We look forward to connecting with conference participants and showcasing our comprehensive immigration software platform, Imagility. This platform encompasses a wide range of functions, including employment-based and family-based petitions, humanitarian and naturalization visas, along with robust practice and case management capabilities.

Imagility offers an innovative approach to simplify the entire immigration process, incorporating automated notifications and reminders. Utilizing automated workflows and timelines, the platform enables law firms to efficiently generate, oversee, and assist petitions, fostering seamless communication with clients and beneficiaries anytime, anywhere.

You can also download the playbook, which discusses how Imagility immigration software can automate law practice while streamlining immigration workflows and other practice management areas.

Our Top Features

  • End-to-end Immigration
  • Intelligent Petition Building & Petition Analysis
  • RFE Response Building
  • Automated Notifications, Alerts, and Calendar Events
  • Marketing, Billing & Invoicing
  • Comprehensive Compliance
  • Practice and case management features

We are excited to forge new relationships at  Annual AILA New Chapter Immigration Law Symposium 2023 in New York.