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Who we are

Imagility covers complete end-to-end immigration needs and supports a range of work, family, humanitarian, and naturalization visas. We help attorneys move seamlessly into e-immigration practice, solve immigration management for petitioners and help beneficiaries build their lives.

Why Imagility
Immigration Software?

Petitions vs Forms

Not just a forms builder, but a complete petition builder, with petition subject matter.

Petition Analysis

Evaluates petitions on 9 critical factors and recommends areas of improvement.

Effective Time and
Case Management

Collaborative work with beneficiaries and employers, digital file exchanges and timely notifications.

Practice Management

Invoicing, marketing, client management, tracking petitions, analytics, calendaring, etc.


Automated integration with payment systems, QuickBooks, Outlook/Gmail integration, etc.

Support & Services

Robust technical and immigration support available along with other customization services.

Imagility vs INSZoom



Ease of use

Value for money

Customer support


Simple, Comprehensive, and Integrated
Immigration Automation

Frictionless Immigration
for Attorneys

Imagility’s innovative digital immigration platform helps in frictionless immigration for attorneys. Unlike being just a forms builder, Imagility helps build robust, complete petitions transparently. Smooth immigration workflow provides a guided, automated, immigration process. Powerful case and practice management features help streamline processes in firms.

Easy Immigration
Management for Petitioners

Imagility is a cloud-based immigration platform leading the way in innovation to improve user experience in the immigration market space. It takes care of compliance, reporting, end-to-end immigration management for petitioners like Lottery, visa stamping, mobile apps, updated policies, employment visas and forms etc.

Seamless & Secure Data Migration

Using Data Mapping Tool in 3 easy steps

Data Mapping

Data Translation

Data Integrity

What Our Customers Say


No other immigration software includes end-to-end immigration along with case and practice management features. Petition building Software like Imagility includes the complete subject matter while building petitions and goes beyond any forms building software. It cuts down time taken for petition building by half,  reduces workload, costs and increases success rates of petitions. No other software gives as much clarity and transparency to all stakeholders who can also collaborate on the platform to improve visa outcomes.

Enabling petitioners, attorneys, and beneficiaries to collaborate on a cutting edge, cloud-based digital platform, allowing them to take ownership of tasks and improving petition outcomes, saving costs and lives like none other.

Petition Analysis is an elaborate process of checks and analysis of petition elements through 9 categories. At the end of the analysis, it makes intelligent recommendations through reports to improve petition success rates, giving you infinite chances to correct and improve the identified elements in the petition. Imagility’s Petition Analysis is powered by Business Rules Engine.

There are two options we offer depending on the data readiness.

The 23-day cycle in 5 stages

    1. Preparing for Data Migration (5 days)
    2. Data Mapping Tool using templates (3 days)
    3. Trial data migration & document upload (3 days)
    4. Migration validation (7 days)
    5. Final migration & testing (5 days)
    6. Go LIVE support (if any)


The 15-day cycle in 3 stages

Prerequisite: Clients need to extract data in CSV format, verify and hand it over.

    1. Trial data migration & document upload (3 days)
    2. Migration validation (7 days)
    3. Final migration & testing (5 days)
    4. Go LIVE support (if any)

Our support can be split into three categories:


  • Prospect Customer Query
  • Billing Related
  • Payment Related
  • Product Query
  • Profile Related
  • Creation of roles and users


  • Creation of New Users
  • Customization of Reports
  • New Change Request

Complaints (Bug)

  • Unable to login
  • Unable to save profile
  • Page not loading
  • Unable to link Beneficiaries/Petitioners/Attorneys
  • Unable to generate petitions
  • Unable to load documents

We want our clients to receive optimal support in a timely manner. To give more responsive, more consistent support, we also have a ticketing system to manage customer conversations. Bugs are categorised into P1, P2 and P3 buckets and resolution timelines are communicated to the client after consulting the technical team.

Yes, you can. You can add team members and can also give permission-based controls.

Yes, you can collaborate with petitioners and beneficiaries who have been onboarded to the platform.

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Phone: 617-865-8444


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