Mayorkas Announces Extension and Redesignation of Burma (Myanmar) for Temporary Protected Status

Mayorkas Announces Extension and Redesignation of Burma (Myanmar) for Temporary Protected Status

WASHINGTON – Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas has declared the extension and redesignation of Burma for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for a duration of 18 months, stretching from May 26, 2024, to November 25, 2025. This decision stems from the ongoing extraordinary conditions in Burma that hinder individuals from safely returning to their homeland. The corresponding Federal Register notice outlines the procedures for new applicants and current beneficiaries to apply for TPS under Burma’s extension and redesignation.

After consultations with interagency partners, Secretary Mayorkas concluded that extending TPS for Burma for 18 months is warranted due to the persistent conditions necessitating the TPS designation. Since the military coup in Burma on February 1, 2021, the country has been plagued by widespread violence, posing significant risks to its inhabitants. Additionally, Burma continues to grapple with challenges in providing food, healthcare access, and economic stability.

Concurrently, a Special Student Relief notice has been issued for F-1 nonimmigrant students from Burma, enabling eligible students to seek employment authorization, work additional hours during school sessions, and reduce their course load while maintaining F-1 status during the TPS designation period.

The extension of TPS for Burma allows approximately 2,300 existing beneficiaries to maintain TPS status until November 25, 2025, provided they continue to meet eligibility criteria. Furthermore, the redesignation of Burma for TPS permits an estimated 7,300 additional nationals of Burma to file initial TPS applications, subject to meeting eligibility requirements and having established residence in the United States on or before March 21, 2024.

Re-registration is limited to individuals who were previously granted TPS under Burma’s prior designation. Current beneficiaries must re-register within the 60-day re-registration period from March 25, 2024, to May 24, 2024, to retain TPS and employment authorization.

Recognizing potential delays in processing, the Department of Homeland Security is extending the validity of Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) issued under Burma’s prior TPS designation through May 25, 2025. New registrants approved under the extension and redesignation will receive an EAD valid for 18 months until November 25, 2025.

USCIS will continue processing pending applications under previous TPS designations for Burma, granting TPS and issuing EADs valid through November 25, 2025, for approved applicants.

Eligible individuals who do not currently have TPS may apply for initial TPS during the registration period from March 25, 2024, to November 25, 2025, and may also request TPS-related EADs and travel authorization. The Federal Register notice provides comprehensive details on eligibility criteria, timelines, and application procedures for re-registering beneficiaries and new applicants seeking TPS under the redesignation.


Source: USCIS