US Lawmakers Resume Talks on Border Security and Ukraine Aid After Holiday Break

US Legislators Resume Sessions, Focus on Enhancing Border Security and Providing Aid to Ukraine

After a three-week holiday recess, US lawmakers are back in session, aiming to strike a deal on border security in exchange for Republican support for increased aid to Ukraine. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, a key negotiator, expressed optimism about nearing an agreement. The ongoing discussions involve linking Ukraine’s aid to border security measures, a move criticized by some, including Murphy, who wishes for unconditional support for Ukraine. The $106 billion national security supplemental request from the White House encompasses funding for border security, $14 billion in aid to Israel, and support for Taiwan against the threat from China. While negotiations progressed during the break, challenges persist, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell emphasizing the urgency of addressing both border security and international crises. The debate over additional aid to Ukraine continues, with Republicans in the Senate linking it to immigration rule enhancements. The Pentagon recently allocated a $250 million security assistance package for Ukraine, but concerns linger about future funding. Despite potential Senate approval, challenges loom in the House, where Republicans hold a slim majority, and divisions persist on Ukraine aid and border issues. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson led a Republican delegation to the U.S.-Mexico border, emphasizing national security priorities and proposing legislation, H.R. 2, focusing on border wall construction and asylum-seeker restrictions.


Source: VOA