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Processing Times for DOL PERM and PWD in the United States, September 2023

As of September 30, 2023, the Department of Labor (DOL) is in the process of conducting analyst reviews for PERM applications submitted in September 2022 or earlier. Additionally, the department is prioritizing the processing of audited cases with priority dates of July 2022 or earlier. DOL is actively addressing standard reconsideration requests filed in August 2022 or earlier.

Furthermore, as of the same date, DOL has commenced the issuance of prevailing wage determinations (PWDs). These determinations cover PERM prevailing wage requests filed in February 2023 (both OES and non-OES categories) and H-1B prevailing wage requests filed in March 2023 (OES) and February 2023 (non-OES). The agency is also processing PERM and H-1B prevailing wage redeterminations requested in March 2023. However, reviews requested for PERM and H-1B Center Director in June 2023 are still pending.

For detailed information, these reports are accessible on the DOL FLAG page.


Source: Fragomen