Gonzales Claims Ineligible Asylum-Seekers Exploiting US Immigration System

Tougher Asylum Screening and Increased Deportation Flights Aim to Curtail ‘Catch-and-Release’ of Migrants, States Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales.

U.S. Representative Tony Gonzales, a Republican from Texas, expresses concern over the prevailing practice of releasing nine out of ten individuals crossing the border illegally into the country upon claiming asylum. He highlights the ripple effect of this trend, exacerbating the migration of individuals potentially ineligible for asylum and placing strain on both border law enforcement agencies and communities.

In a teleconference with reporters, Gonzales emphasizes the significant impact of the massive catch-and-release approach, where individuals entering the country illegally are promptly processed and released, with some even obtaining work visas. He criticizes the perceived imbalance in the administration’s treatment of those breaking the law versus those attempting legal entry.

The surge in migrant numbers, estimated at 300,000 in December, has left vast stretches of the border unguarded and key highway checkpoints unmanned. This strain, Gonzales contends, affects local police, commerce, and lawful crossers, extending to cities in the interior of the country that become destinations for migrants.

Gonzales underscores the need for immediate adjudication of asylum cases, proposing an expansion of the “rocket docket” approach for an expedited review, prioritizing recent border entrants. He suggests a swift process where legitimate asylum seekers receive due protection, while those ineligible are promptly removed to their country of origin rather than being returned to Mexico.

While some activists argue against mass repatriation to certain countries, Gonzales emphasizes that many migrants from places like Venezuela, Haiti, and Cuba had previously left their home countries and could be repatriated to their last places of residence in Peru, Chile, Brazil, or Central America.

Gonzales’s stance on immigration, focused on border security and preventing exploitation of the system, differs from some Democratic lawmakers, including Representative Veronica Escobar, who co-sponsors The Dignity Act for comprehensive immigration reform. Gonzales asserts that securing the border is an immediate priority, advocating for swift asylum case resolution to address the current crisis.

Source: WFXRTV