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Biden administration acknowledges an ‘urgent requirement’ for a border barrier in response to a surge in illegal migration

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas acknowledges an “urgent and immediate need” to waive numerous federal laws for the construction of a border barrier in south Texas. This marks a notable shift from the early stance of the Biden administration, which initially deemed a wall between the US and Mexico unnecessary. According to Fox News, an announcement on the Federal Register outlines plans for construction in Starr County and the Rio Grande Valley Sector, citing “high illegal entry” in those areas. The Biden administration had suspended plans for a new border wall in early 2021, in line with President Joe Biden’s campaign promise that “not another foot of wall” would be built during his tenure.

Despite criticism of wall construction under the Trump administration as a symbol of misplaced priorities, the current construction is funded by the 2019 DHS budget specifically allocated for wall projects. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had previously announced plans for up to 20 miles of wall in the Rio Grande Valley Sector in June. The Biden administration emphasizes that these projects prioritize life, safety, and operational risks for both Border Patrol agents and migrants. The CBP asserts that the announced projects in June would cover 17 miles in Starr County, with a commitment to implementing sound environmental practices.

The Biden administration faces renewed criticism from both Democrats and Republicans amid a surge in illegal immigration, with a reported record of 260,000 encounters with immigrants at the border in September. Republicans attribute the issue to the Biden administration’s policies, including the decision to sell off border wall materials and legal action against Texas’s border construction in the Rio Grande. The Trump campaign defends the previous administration’s approach, highlighting the construction of nearly 500 miles of wall on the border.

In response to the challenges, the Biden administration contends that Congress must provide more funding to address a “broken” system. However, liberal states, such as New York, are urging stricter border controls, with Governor Kathy Hochul expressing concerns about the current openness of the border.

Source: msn