Processing Fees Set to Increase

Premium Processing Fees Set to Increase from February 26

Premium Processing Fees to Increase for Certain USCIS Petitions

USCIS is set to raise the premium processing fees for specific employment-based applications and petitions starting February 26, 2024. The adjustment will affect Form I-140 immigrant worker petitions and most Form I-129 nonimmigrant worker petitions, with fees increasing from $2500 to $2805. Additionally, fees for Form I-539 and Form I-765 (F-1 OPT) will also see an increase. The new fees will apply to filings postmarked on or after the specified date. USCIS plans to review and potentially raise premium processing fees biennially in the future, while the broader USCIS fee proposal remains under consideration, expected to be finalized by April 2024. Employers are advised to consider these changes in their immigration budget planning.

Source: Fragomen