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Department of Labor (DOL) to Solicit Public Input on Simplified Green Card Eligibility for STEM and Other Professions

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has put forth a proposal seeking public input on the potential expansion of the “Schedule A” list of occupations eligible for streamlined green card processing. This initiative, currently under review by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), aims to consider including STEM-related and other occupations facing a shortage of U.S. workers. The proposal aligns with the Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence (AI), issued on October 30, which directs the DOL to identify insufficiently filled AI and STEM-related positions within 45 days.

If approved, this expansion of Schedule A, currently covering specific healthcare roles and individuals of exceptional ability, would mark a significant stride in simplifying the employer-sponsored green card process. Occupations listed in Schedule A are exempt from labor market tests and can bypass the PERM application process, streamlining the path to employment-based permanent residence.

Following OMB clearance, DOL will publish the request for public comment in the Federal Register, setting a deadline for submissions by December 14, as stipulated in the Executive Order on AI. After evaluating public input, DOL may issue a proposed or interim final rule to amend Schedule A, providing an additional opportunity for public comment on any proposed changes.

Organizations wishing to contribute to the public input process can engage through their designated Fragomen professional or the firm’s Government Relations and Compliance group. Fragomen continues to monitor developments related to Schedule A expansion and the broader implementation of immigration-related provisions outlined in the Executive Order on AI, with future updates provided as information becomes available.

Source: Fragomen