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Trump Secures Endorsement from Texas Governor Abbott at US-Mexico Border

Former President Donald Trump received the endorsement of Texas Governor Greg Abbott during an event near the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday. The location was strategically chosen to underscore Trump’s commitment to addressing immigration concerns if he secures the 2024 election.

Trump, currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, joined Abbott in Edinburg, Texas, to visit Texas National Guard soldiers, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, and other service members stationed at the border. Abbott expressed concern over President Joe Biden’s border policies, citing them as a threat to communities across the United States. He credited Trump with achieving the lowest point in decades for border crossings during his presidency.

Speaking at the event, Abbott emphasized the need for a president who would secure the border, stating, “There is no way that America can continue under the leadership of Joe Biden as our president.”

Trump, in response, expressed his gratitude for Abbott’s endorsement, assuring the governor that border security would no longer be a concern under his leadership.

Since Biden assumed office in 2021, U.S. border agents have made over 5 million arrests of migrants crossing irregularly over the U.S.-Mexico border. These migrants, hailing from various countries worldwide, include significant numbers fleeing economic and political turmoil in Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Trump has outlined plans to tighten immigration controls, both illegal and legal if elected in 2024. His proposed measures include reinstating the “remain in Mexico” program from 2019, which required non-Mexican asylum-seekers to await case resolution in Mexico before entering the United States. Biden terminated this program, aiming for more humane and orderly immigration policies, but has faced challenges with record levels of illegal border crossings.

Abbott has positioned himself as a key Republican figure on border issues, implementing Operation Lone Star, a controversial border security initiative that clashes with the Biden administration’s approach.

Source: TBS