SAVE Enhances Responses for Asylum Applicants

SAVE Enhances Responses for Asylum Applicants

SAVE Enhances Responses for Individuals with Pending Asylum Applications and Approved Employment Authorization

The Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program is implementing improvements to increase the frequency of automated initial responses for individuals with pending asylum applications and valid Form I-766 Employment Authorization Documents (EADs). This adjustment, prompted by feedback from SAVE user agencies, aims to enhance the efficiency of response times.

SAVE Verification Process

SAVE will now issue an initial response of “Application Pending (Asylum) – Temp Emp Auth” for individuals with pending asylum applications who possess an unexpired EAD based on an independent category of employment authorization. For instance, this response may be provided for an asylum applicant holding a parole-based EAD (EAD category C11). Additionally, SAVE will maintain this response for individuals with an EAD based on a pending asylum application (EAD category C08).

It’s important to note that individuals might possess multiple valid immigration statuses or categories, along with presenting immigration documents reflecting additional pending applications or approved statuses. In cases where the automated SAVE response is unexpected or insufficient for an agency to determine benefit eligibility, the agency should initiate Additional Verification. This process offers a comprehensive verification response, including details on additional immigration statuses, categories, and pending immigration applications.


Source: USCIS