Mobile Apps

Personalised Experience for Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries aspiring to work or live a better life in the US go through a whole gamut of emotions in their immigration journey. The Imagility platform offers complete transparency and visibility into the progress and status of petitions.

Imagility offers a whole range of mobile apps for beneficiaries to make informed decisions and track their petition status. The student, professional and asylum apps help beneficiaries through their immigration journeys. The H-1B lottery app and visa stamping app guide beneficiaries make the right decisions, free of anxiety.

A range of Apps for you to
stay on top of things

The Student app smoothens the F-1 visa process for students.

Imagility helps students find universities of their choice, apply to them, and prepare for the visa process. All this is done, by consolidating information about universities, visa process and interview tips in the App. Students can search for suitable universities based on field of study, degree level and location. Through the App, students can:

  • Find and apply to suitable universities
  • Prepare for the visa process
  • Get information on SEVIS fee payment
  • Options after course completion

Students need to fill out their profile information in the app, to start their immigration journey with Imagility. All other immigration events are taken care of by the Imagility Platform, where the student app is an associated tool.

Professional App

The Professional app enables temporary workers/professionals to enter or update their profile information and track petitions filed by their companies.

The app supplements the Imagility web application where the petitioner is registered and has entered all profile details. Through the App, professionals/beneficiaries can:

The app allows professionals or beneficiaries to be engaged in the process of petition building and have complete transparency and visibility into the progress of the petition.

The H-1B Lottery App helps beneficiaries connect with the right sponsors.

It simplifies the Lottery process and helps them make informed decisions. This is the first step towards building the H-1B petition collaboratively, if selected in the lottery. It helps beneficiaries:

Imagility’s Lottery App will lead you through the Lottery process with ease and you can be more assured of your place for a H-1B Visa.

Visa Stamping App

This app helps beneficiaries plan, prepare, and manage the visa stamping process efficiently.

It allows beneficiaries to prepare for the visa stamping interview better by going through detailed steps, sharing overseas trip details, and knowing next steps. Some feature highlights include:

The app helps Beneficiaries go through the visa stamping process better prepared with a clear path to move forward.

Asylum App

This App helps beneficiaries understand the Asylum visa process, track tasks, and make Attorney connections.

Asylum is a way that civilized nations protect persons who come from other countries that are unwilling or unable to protect them. The Asylum App supplements the Imagility web application where the beneficiary is registered and has entered all profile details. Asylum App top features:

The Asylum app enables individuals to track asylum petitions and manage attorneys on the go.