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How Immigration Lawyers can work less and earn more?


By Imagility

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Workload is Real

A typical day in the life of an immigration attorney includes answering ‘quick’ questions from clients, not so quickly, since they may need research and cross-checking, to make sure it’s accurate. Immigration policy is in constant flux and immigration attorneys need to keep on top of it. There is of course core work to gather evidence for cases, troubleshoot legal issues, and prepare clients for interviews with USCIS. If something is urgent, everything must be set aside and the focus needs to be shifted to the “urgent” case in hand. Added to this are the calls with engaged couples, newlyweds, aspiring citizens, and potential employers who want to sponsor employees for immigration benefits. This list is endless, but all this needn’t be done manually.

How can this Change?

It is important for Immigration lawyers/attorneys to collaborate with their team and use technology to improve everything from client intake to case preparation to status monitoring. There are many choices in the immigration law case management software space. It would be ideal to choose a cloud-based legal case management software which anyone can access from anywhere, at any time. The pandemic has highlighted the need for such remote collaboration, which allows work to be carried on without any pause in business. Let’s see the top tools or software that attorney firms should consider investing in, to manage workloads better, which would also improve revenue.

Cloud-based Legal Case Management Software

A Cloud-based case management software includes storage and productivity tools that can take care of complex matters and heavy caseloads that legal firms handle. Cloud-based case management software provides a central hub to store all information securely, with access controls to staff who need it.

Since it is on the cloud, all information on the system can be accessed from any device and location. But modern case management software offers many more tools to create, track and store cases, helping legal teams collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Intake Management Software

Immigrants scout for the right legal firms to support their case. They look for quick responses and active engagement. Such potential clients need to be onboarded smoothly, kept involved and informed of the process using t intake management software

Attorney firms can leverage technology to automate many of these steps in intake management. Intake management software handle automated communications and task flows ensures timely engagement with prospective clients at every step.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation ensures a frictionless flow of work, right from task creation to completion. This includes

  • Automatic assignment of tasks
  • Digital storage of all information ensuring no slips or misplaced information anywhere
  • Smooth access to information anytime
  • Automatic updates to clients on status or changes at the policy level
  • Reduction in dependency and linear flow of tasks

Workflow automation can bring down stress levels tremendously knowing nothing is falling through the cracks and seeing tasks progressing well.

Digital Signatures

Immigration processes are form intensive and hence signature intensive. The pandemic pushed firms to convert to software that incorporates digital signatures like never before. Software that enables a shorter, faster path to procure signatures can make an attorney’s life a lot easier. This also reduces transportation costs and a lot of time spent on communication.

Document Generators

Immigration law firm software that automatically generates documents by pulling information directly from filled out forms or profiles, is bound to be a hit among attorney firms since this would save a lot of time and effort in putting together accurate, complex documents accurately.

Automatic assimilation of information also eliminates any human errors, maintaining the accuracy of documents. This also enables any high-level policy changes in immigration to reflect across all documents automatically, without any manual intervention. This can provide much respite to overworked attorneys from grunt work.

What if all of this is on a Single Platform?

Attorneys and Firms can save a lot of time and effort if all these different systems come rolled into one single system. There won’t be multiple systems to be evaluated and procured in each category. There won’t be multiple implementations going on. The entire solution will be delivered in one shot and the advantages of this one platform will be many. Plus, the sum of parts is costlier than the whole. Hence there is a significant cost reduction to be achieved through a single platform.

Imagility delivers the best-in-class cloud immigration platform that comprises all the software technologies discussed above. Imagility is an Unparalleled end-to-end cloud immigration platform with detailed petition building timelines and workflows, petition analysis (a virtual adjudicator), RFE response building, template letter building, comprehensive compliance, receipts, notifications, alerts, onboarding and offboarding employees, full access to documents, among others.

  • Attorneys can automatically interface with beneficiaries, the workload is divided, and tasks are executed in shorter timelines.
  • A guided approach to building petitions provides beneficiary support without utilizing more time.
  • Automatic notifications could help faster communication without having to chase beneficiaries through calls and emails.
  • A cloud-based solution, that handles heavy workloads smoothly, with data accessibility possible anytime, anywhere.
  • If initial case management is quick, attorneys could look up cases anytime with scheduling ability and data storage.
  • Onboarding multiple users from the same attorney firm and associating different roles to users with granular data access.
  • Collaboration with peers and other stakeholders.
  • A well-positioned petition is generated as a pdf with all the relevant data populated automatically.
  • Fully digital: Securely store and access sensitive files and documents digitally, enabling digital signatures to be quickly verified.

Imagility saves time, increases revenue, improves quality, and takes away the stress from the workload.  Attorneys can do a lot more in a lot less time with a lot less chaos.

People who have experienced Imagility vouch for the depth of coverage and the simplicity of the solution.  We offer a free trial for a limited period to firms who are interested to take the system for a test drive.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of whether Imagility as a platform will fit your practice, please contact us for a demo and conversation at or +1 603 782 4622.

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