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H1B Lottery FY 22-23 – Critical Events and Dates

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The H-1B lottery is held once a year, for those employed in a specialty occupation role, in the United States for a temporary period. Those with a bachelors’ or masters’ degree aspiring to work in US in a specialized job, apply for the H-1B visa through a sponsor or petitioner.

The H-1B Lottery season is a time for frenetic activity for Attorneys and Petitioners, struggling to submit full petitions to register employees for the lottery. In 2020, the USCIS revised the H-1B registration process, introducing an electronic registration process for companies where an employee can be registered with a few personal details. If selected in the lottery, a full petition can then be filed to get a visa for the employee. The new registration process has somewhat eased the pressure to some extent.

Come March and the filing season kickstarts. Attorneys and petitioners need to be well prepared to start the process. Mark these dates for H-1B Lottery registrations (FY 2022-23):

Petitioner immigration teams need to start working with relevant managers, legal team, and international candidates from January/February itself. By March 2, petitioners and registrants can start creating H-1B registrant accounts. To avoid last minute stress and anxiety, be prepared with relevant data and documentation ahead of time.

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