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US Study: Embassy Requires Students to Provide Passport Details for Visa Slot

New Rule at US Embassy in India Requires Student Visa Applicants to Use Correct Passport Details for Visa Slot

The US Embassy in India has introduced a new policy aimed at preventing fraud and abuse of the visa appointment system for student visa applicants. Effective from November 27, 2023, the rule mandates that all F, M, and J student visa applicants use accurate passport information when creating profiles and scheduling visa appointments. Any applicants using incorrect passport details will not be accepted at Visa Application Centers (VAC), leading to appointment cancellations and the loss of the visa fee. Those with incorrect passport information are advised to create a new profile or access an existing one with the correct details, requiring the payment of a new visa fee receipt if applicable. Exceptions are made for applicants with recently renewed or replaced passports, allowing them to provide evidence of the old passport number during their appointment.

Source: MSN