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LegalTech Phobia is Unwarranted


By Imagility

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The Legal industry has yet to catch up with the other industries when it comes to tech adoption. Resistance to tech adoption may be due to being habituated to working with more traditional methods and work processes, with general reluctance to change.

Post the Covid period, law firms can no longer afford resistance to technology adoption in a hybrid workplace, where remote collaborative work will be needed. The best immigration software for lawyers will be the ones that take care of this hybrid work model, along with a bunch of features that will mitigate the fears of these law firms.

Law firms’ resistance to digital technology could stem from valid concerns. We have tried to address some of them here. Having said that, LegalTech solutions that save time, create business impact and contribute to positive business outcomes are the ones that are likely to be adopted.

Data Security & Privacy

Law firms fear data security and privacy loopholes since this is the prime factor that drives trust in the attorney-client relationship. Being trained as lawyers, these firms always think of the worst-case scenarios and deeply fear the loss of private and sensitive information their clients have entrusted. Also, most law firms do not have large established information security departments to prevent breaches or data leaks.

The best immigration software for lawyers would be one that assures complete protection of information, data, and documents at all times. LegalTech sales teams that demonstrate and ensure secure legal services have a greater chance of making successful deals with law firms.

Unknown Technology

Understandably, any unproven technology will be distrusted by law firms. Being a highly regulated industry, there is always a fear of being sued for malpractice and loss of license. AI and ML-driven technology does not appeal to legal minds that seek clarity and unmitigated control. For legal firms, AI making legal decisions is unthinkable, non-lawyers creating technology is indigestible.

The best immigration law firm software is the one that persuades law firms to lean in and embrace technology. Technology that can make legal services accessible to a wider array of clients, while improving efficiency so that lawyers are available to handle large client volume, supporting remote collaboration with them, with efficient case management processes, is bound to succeed.

Time Crunch& Learning Curve

For law firms, time is money. Any non-billable tasks are “sunk” tasks and need to be minimized. While there is a heavy administrative burden on attorneys that prevents them from attending to clients and cases full time, law firms are still reluctant to adopt technology that can help them automate these administrative tasks and save time. This is in anticipation of the “lag time” they will lose in migrating and learning to use the new software or platform. Lag time is again non-billable and hence avoidable.

The best immigration software for lawyers would be the one that justifies this “lag time”. Change management strategy needs to include e-Learning, live training and ongoing support. Top management needs to be convinced about the impact this technology adoption will bring in terms of lowering costs, saving time, improving performance, decreasing risks etc. Efficient data migration to minimize lag time, rigorous training sessions to reduce the learning curve, and continuous customer support would help gain the confidence of law firms.

How Imagility can Mitigate these Fears

Imagility fits the profile of the best immigration software for lawyers. It goes beyond it. Imagility is a cloud-based immigration platform focusing on employment-based immigration and family-based support, Employer-obligatory compliance, support for temporary workers and families, and end-to-end immigration processing and management.


Imagility delivers the best-in-class cloud immigration platform that comprises:

  • Unparalleled end-to-end cloud immigration platform and technology with detailed petition building timelines and workflows, petition analysis (a virtual adjudicator), RFE response building, template letter building, comprehensive compliance, receipts, notifications, alerts, onboarding and offboarding employees, full access to documents, among others.
  • Holistic approach to immigration – Provide strategic and workforce planning, worldwide migration planning, policy development, and discretionary handling of immigration support for key individuals, etc. All this is to achieve the right balance of the foreign talent at the right time in the right way and adjust to the changing immigration landscape quickly if needed.
  • Making immigration simple and easy: Simplifying convoluted immigration processes into smooth workflows that are intuitive to the user. It limits time-intensive immigration processes, delays in hiring cycles, excessive use of HR resources, and exposure to legal risk.
  • Transparent, clear, and results-driven employee engagement: Employee inclusion in every step of petition building, timeline, and lifecycle. Employees will be notified of events, status, and interventions through notifications and alerts to LIVE customer support as needed. Your employees will feel they have full transparency, collaboration, and clarity. All this is possible because it is a cloud immigration platform.
  • Fully digital: Securely store and access sensitive files and documents digitally, enable digital signatures, get notifications and alerts instantly, etc., all remotely.

Data Security

We follow all security protocols to keep user data secure. We have made appropriate security provisions at the server, application, and network-level to protect user data. We follow OWASP‘s Top 10 standard guidelines for web application security.

Data Migration

Imagility’s professional services help transition smoothly to the new platform with seamless data migration and quick onboarding. Customer support is there every step of the way and beyond, to take care of all the nitty-gritty migration woes. This will help our customers realize their ROI faster due to the reduced number of hours spent on building petitions and improved success rates of petitions, with reduced RFEs and denials, thus improving business outcomes.

Support Process

We have a service assurance framework that ensures performance data, real-time data on service performance, and proactively identifying issues, tracking and metrics on an ongoing basis with periodic reviews. We also have formal issue (escalations) reporting and resolution procedures in place.
Imagility will allow you and your clients to easily and securely share or exchange important files, with transparent workflows, guided petition building and analysis, along with automatic notifications and alerts, cutting down drastically on emails and phone calls, saving thousands of dollars for your firm. We will prove your LegalTech phobia wrong.

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