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Imagility Insights - Challenges Immigration Law Firms Face With New Technology (and How Imagility Can Help)

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Immigration Facts and Tips

USCIS is introducing a third gender option, “X,” defined as “Another Gender Identity”. USCIS has published a new edition of Form N-400, the first form to include the X gender option. This option will become available on additional forms as the USCIS revises them.

Imagility Insights

Imagility's AI-Driven Solutions: Revolutionizing Immigration Practice

Discover how Imagility’s AI-enabled solutions simplify the H-1B application process! Our technology identifies gaps, streamlines petition building, and boosts approval rates by 40%.

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Conquer Chaos: Manage High Volumes & Complex Immigration Applications with Ease

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Success Stories

Seth D. Miller, Esq.
Miller & Associates, P.C.

The system is designed to allow you (through your own private access) to monitor the progress of your cases 24 x 7, show what steps need to be taken, what steps have been taken. Also, if anything is required by you, what is required, help with both job titles and the creation of supporting letters tailored for you, and much more. Imagility has a great support system and it even comes with a video tutorial to start you off. It makes our lives easier in dealing with cases and having the instant access to information when employees ask.

Attorney Spotlight

Santosh R Somi Reddy

Somireddy Law Group

Santosh R Somi Reddy is the founding partner of Somireddy Law Group (SLG). His core areas of practice include Immigration, Employment Litigation, Corporate, and Criminal Law matters. He has represented many employers and employees, alike, in complicated H-1B filings, Green card applications, and breach of employment agreements including non-compete/non-solicitation matters, unpaid wages, Wage Theft matters, Wage & Hour claims, and cases, and collections.

Mr. Reddy received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of the District of Columbia School of Law, where he was the recipient of the prestigious Earl H. Davis Award for Top Clinic Performance. Prior to law school, Mr. Somi Reddy was a Licensed Professional Engineer in AZ. He has a master’s degree in civil engineering from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Osmania University, India.

Mr. Reddy is fluent in Telugu, Hindi and English.


• AZ Supreme Court
• Supreme Court of GA
• Supreme Court of MD
• Supreme Court Of NJ
• Supreme Court of NC
• Supreme Court of PA
• US District Court Eastern Dist. of VA
• DC Court of Appeals
• Supreme Court of IL
• MI Supreme Court
• NY Supreme Court
• Supreme Court of OH
• Supreme Court of TX
• Supreme Court of VA
• Supreme Court of WA
• Supreme Court of IN


• Immigration
• Litigation
• Corporate
• Employment
• Criminal Law
• Family Law (in limited circumstances)

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