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Hike in US Visa Fees Delayed, Expected in April

US Visa Fee Hike Final Regulation Postponed, Expected in April 2024

The Biden administration is likely to delay the final regulation for increasing fees on various US visa applications, including H-1B cap visas. Initially anticipated this month or by January 2024, the final regulation is now expected in April 2024. The proposed fee hikes, particularly impacting non-immigrant H-1B visas, were outlined in the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) unveiled in January 2023. The delay provides relief to US employers hiring H-1B visa holders, as the application fees were projected to increase by 70%, reaching $780. The NPRM also proposed fee hikes for E-registrations and citizenship applications. With the delay, H-1B cap applications for the 2024-25 season are unlikely to face higher fees. Immigrant attorneys suggest potential minor adjustments to the proposed fees. Advocacy for investments in the EB5 program is increasing to prepare for possible fee increases, and early filing guidance is recommended for those seeking US citizenship or a green card.

Source: MSN