IT Synergy conference

Meet us @ the Synergy Conference – 2022

Synergy Conference-2022 is ITServe Alliance’s flagship event on Oct 26th, Oct 27th & Oct 28th, 2022. Synergy conference provides opportunities for all the members, potential member(s) including connecting them with ITServe Sponsors, exhibitors, facilitating awareness, exposure to organizations and their executives. You can check out this link for more information on the event.

It is an exciting time for petitioners to gain knowledge, widen networking that will lead business to digital transformation and increased efficiency in immigration processes. There is a string of events planned for each day which includes eminent speakers, technology forums, immigration trends, startup expo, fun and entertainment, among others.

Visit Imagility @ Booth 300 at the Synergy Conference – 2022

We are pleased to announce that Imagility is the main sponsor for the panel discussion on Immigration. We are hoping for some serious talk and exchange of ideas here that will help petitioners gain better insights into immigration processes.