Imagility is a

Digital Cloud-Based

Platform for Beneficiaries

Provides a better, more efficient way for beneficiaries to work with employers to prepare, track, manage, and navigate their H-1B processing

Our goal is to engage beneficiaries in petition building by working collaboratively, towards an open and transparent immigration process


Our Highlights

High level view of all pending tasks, notifications, and status of
petitions, that can be actioned immediately.
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Guided Petition Building
Automatically gathers the required information, forms, and documents from both the sponsor and applicant, then dynamically generates a complete, well-positioned and accurate H-1B application or RFE response.
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Digi Locker provision
Each beneficiary has a unique login, digital storage, place to keep their information and documents, track their events, etc. independent of an employer or attorney. This means future applications can be filed without uploading documents again.
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Tools on the Platform


The core purpose of the Lottery app is to simplify the Lottery process for petitioners and beneficiaries in an already confusing immigration landscape, help them connect and make informed decisions. This is the first step towards building the H-1B petition collaboratively, if selected in the lottery.

Let us help you improve H-1B approval rates